Raised by Mother Earth(a)


Mother Eartha, Eartha Kitt, taught me to that we are ALL made to be UNIQUE and the importance of loving and accepting that fact.


Eartha Kitt and her daughter Kitt

I was watching Shark Tank recently (yes, I love that show), and saw two young girls, kidpreneurs, Madison and Mallory, pitch their company Angels and Tomboys, and make a deal with Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

Aside from the fact that these young ladies were incredibly personable, savvy and confident, I was struck by their slogan “Love being a girl…because all girls are created equally different.” The beauty of that statement has stayed with me.

I immediately gave credit to their mother, Viara Boyd (who accompanied them), because as a mother and a daughter, I am inspired by seeing the power of parents who embrace and encourage their children’s individualities.



I grew up with a mother who was as unique as one could be. And, who, many times in her life, was chastised for being different. Yet, even with the pain that often accompanied that mistreatment, she always understood that there was power and pride to be had by ‘not fitting in‘ and this lesson she made sure I learned well.

It’s not always easy raising a child to think outside the box, or maybe even to question and challenge the box itself. And when you have more than one child, it is often difficult to embrace the fact that they can be so very different from each other. So, to be able to teach your children to love being who they are, because we are ALL created EQUALLY DIFFERENT, is a parenting skill to be applauded and admired.

And, as a woman who loves beating to my own drum, I say thank you. To my mother and ALL who give their children that blessing.

Remember. Treasure. Love.   Simply Eartha

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  • Pheralyn  October 19, 2016 at 12:25 PM

    Beautifully written, Kitt. Thank you.

  • Pansy  December 12, 2016 at 12:08 PM

    The more I read of your mom, the more I realize she and my mom had so much in common in terms of loving their children unconditionally and being the role model for young impressionable women. Also my mom is from South Carolina and she too was born in 1927. God bless you.


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