Mother/Daughter: Let’s talk about it.

Eartha Kitt leaving hospital after birth of her daughter, Kitt. With husband, Bill McDonald.

@kittshapiro I am my mother, Eartha Kitts, biological daughter ❤️#earthakitt #earthakittcatwoman #earthakittinterview #kitttok #icon #empowerment #femaleempowerment #race #blackandwhite #realtalk #biracial #biracialcouple #raceinamerica #blackwomen ♬ original sound – KittShapiro

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Remember. Treasure. Love… Kitt

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  • Stephanie B  February 14, 2023 at 8:28 PM

    I had the pleasure of meeting your mother in the airport many years ago. I was waiting on the inbound flight to work ( I’m a flight attendant) when the door opened and there she was… SHE WALKED IN BEAUTY LIKE THE NIGHT. Your relationship with your mother was PRICELESS. I felt so BLESSED to have had an opportunity to see an ANGEL on EARTH(a)


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