Eartha Kitt’s heart and wisdom, her daughter’s designs


I am the daughter of a trailblazer. A woman of strength, conviction and heart.

I share this legacy with you and hope that we can spread more kindness, acceptance

and empowerment to those around us.

 xo Kitt Shapiro

Simply Eartha creator Eartha Kitt's daughter Kitt Shapiro








This lifestyle brand of ‘accessories with a legacy’, is a tribute to my mother, the legendary entertainer, Eartha Kitt. These are her words, her wisdom, and her image, that I now share with you, her fans, old and new.

She taught me how to live life honestly, with respect for everyTHING and everyONE. To possess calm in place of panic and not to forget that humor is one of life’s most precious gifts.Kitt Shapiro


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Join me as I share my mother’s legacy of love, kindness and empowerment.


"Absolutely love your inspirational jewelry!!"  - Melissa G.