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As you know, I am a huge supporter of small and local businesses. I am one myself. In addition to SimplyEartha.com, I also own a retail clothing and accessories store called WEST2WESTPORT, in my town.

But, like many of you, I too enjoy shopping online and, of course, that often means Amazon. I believe there is room in retail for everyone. We just need to remember to spread it around. 

That being said, I have put together some of my favorite things to buy this holiday season, and yes, I have included some of my own designs. ☺️ 

I have included links, and in full disclosure, I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive compensation when you purchase any of these items on their site. 

Happy Holidays.

Remember ~ Treasure ~ Love… Kitt

And please shop your local businesses as well. Local businesses are a part of the tapestry of our communities and they need our support! 

Escentric Molecules



This is the fragrance I wear every day. Molecule 02 by Ecsentric Molecules.

I am stopped at least once a day and asked what scent I am wearing. 😄

Travel Size ($60)


Definitely my favorite blazer, The Duchess by Smythe. I wear this to work as well as on weekends with ripped jeans. The back cutout detailing is what gives it that slight edginess.

It’s a little pricey, but extremely versatile, so I justify that it’s worth the money. ($695)

I pretty much wear jeans, t-shirts and blazers everyday. I love to be comfortable. I also love animal print. And these loafers fit both those requirements.

Cinq à Sept T-shirt ($85)

Dolce Vita Loafers  ($117)





animal print oversized silk scarf with Eartha Kitt quote

And speaking of animal prints… I think I’ve mentioned that I am wearing this scarf daily. It is a beautiful drape silk with my mother’s words and hand-drawn heart and it adds that extra element to anything you wear.  ($295)

And don’t forget my mother’s quote on this faux fur accent pillow. The purr-fect gift. ($158)

I LOVE candles! And they make the perfect hostess gifts. I like to stock up so I’m always prepared for that last minute invite (My mother taught me never to arrive at someone’s home without a gift. Good manners were very important to her. ☺️) This candle by the Harlem Candle Company, with all its personality, is a must have!  ($50)

Did someone say MUST HAVE?

I don’t think a holiday season should be without one of these… ($42 ea)anxiety help don't panic bracelets

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  • Sheldon  November 26, 2018 at 4:25 PM

    The more we learn about you Mrs. Kitt the less we know smile! Always nice to read about you and life with your Mum! Can’t wait till Jan 19th when you VIPs come back to North SC again!

  • Bradly Briggs  December 10, 2019 at 2:53 AM

    Wonderful bond Mother & Daughter know Eartha had a great family life, very close with my Capricorn mom 1/18/1920 so know the joyous memories, got to first experience Eartha around 1989 Cinegril then too many times to count over 10+ years, she recognized me coming lots and one night waiting for late show when she came out was front of line, she looked at me and make a cat like growl and we twirled around and was surprised how heavy her beaded gown was, it was really fun another time she signed Eartha Quake Box Set booklet and we had a nice chat, such a warm wonderful person who I adored…have a wonderful Holiday Season and glad to find this site…first song experience 1989 opener back at bar stretched out on stool room went dark with a single spot illuminating her, seated at table right next to bar and never will forget hypnotic “Here’s To Life” have same version on London CD concert, really a classic! After that went back too many times to count…

  • Gerri  December 10, 2019 at 8:24 PM

    Happy Holidays !!!
    I’m making my list and the Don’t Panic bracelets are at the very top 🤗❤️


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