“My Flaws Make Me Who I Am”- Eartha Kitt Bracelet


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“My Flaws Make Me Who I Am”~ Eartha Kitt

My mother embraced WHO she was. She understood that ALL things about her, made her unique. Made her Eartha.

Made with love in USA. 18k gold plated. Wood beads on stretch cord measures approx 7 inches. Please make note on order if you need smaller or larger. Accent bead may vary.


Why I love my flaws “…these are all things which make me uniquely me, and I would choose uniqueness over perfection every time.” – Jiawa Liu, beigerenegade.com

“My Flaws Make Me Who I Am” ~ Eartha Kitt embraced who she was. She was unique. In voice, appearance, personality and talent. She encouraged young people to embrace WHO THEY ARE. Being who you are, is what makes you special. Embrace that.


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