Why I share my mother’s heart. And you can too.

Sharing my mother’s heart. Be Kind. Be Grateful. Smile.

I receive many messages on social media thanking me for sharing my mother’s wisdom and beauty and carrying on her legacy. I know I was truly blessed to have had this amazing woman as my mother, and I believe that blessings are meant to be shared.

When you read and learn the lessons she taught, it is easy to understand why Simply Eartha™ is a tribute to who she was as a person and mother, and how I incorporate her hand-drawn heart in my jewelry and accessories designs, because it represents the importance of spreading this legacy of love.


Let your heart show. Even when you want to hide behind your anger instead.


Allowing ourselves to show our hearts can be scary, but keeping them closed prevents us from experiencing the simple beauty of kindness that we can give and receive.

Yes, letting our hearts be seen makes us more vulnerable, but keeping our hearts hidden weighs us down, takes a lot of energy and leads to… disease of the heart. 

A disease that spreads to the mind and the body. A disease that attracts negative people to us and poisons our spirit.

This is a heart disease that we can ALL help cure. By letting our hearts show, we are showing a willingness to open our minds as well. 

We may not come to live in complete harmony, or totally understand and accept each other, but maybe if we all let our hearts show, we can at least learn to smile as we pass each other instead of lashing out against one another. 

Love Breaks Barriers. 

#ShareYourHeart  ❤️  #LetYourHeartShow 



share your heart, let your heart show, my mother's heart

 My mother’s hand-drawn heart necklace

Remember ~ Treasure ~ Love… Kitt




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  • Nancy Ortiz  September 28, 2018 at 10:17 PM

    Thank you for sharing your mother’s wisdom and keeping her legacy alive. She was a one in a million & a icon that left her mark in this world. I know she is smiling down at her baby girl.


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