We’re talking about Mother’s Day. Kitt Shapiro shares a story about Eartha Kitt

We’re talking about Mother’s Day

I love sharing stories about life with my never dull mother, Eartha Kitt, and this is a good one…



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So, we’re talking about Mother’s Day and things that you did with your mother and things that happened with your mother as you get older the things that stand out and if you are fan of my blog or even if you’re not a fan of my blog I hope you’re going to go visit my blog which is simplyeartha.com/kitt-shapiros-blog.

You know that I love to share stories about my mother and my life with my mother, growing up with her because she was never dull.

This one particular story that I’m going to share with you today which is kind of a crazy story.

When I was about nine years old we went to the Greek Islands. My mother was performing on a cruise and when we would travel, my mother really wanted to make sure that we saw the country that we were visiting, that we met the people, that we did all the touristy things as well as non-touristy things.

This particular instance occurred when we took a boat to visit the Greek Islands.

We were walking one day on one of the islands, I think it was Mykonos, and my mother was admiring nature and the foliage and the rocks because she really appreciated every little step that she would take in life and every little thing that she would do.

So she saw these beautiful shells and she said “Oh my God, look at the color of these shells. They’re iridescent, they’re amazing. Look at the shape of them, they’re so interesting.”  And she took one shell and said “I’m going to keep that.” and she put it in her bag. And, she took another shell, and all of a sudden she starts collecting shells, and as a nine year old daughter, I’m following her around and saying, “Oh mommy, look at this shell, look at that shell…”

We go back to the ship after our day of sightseeing and we go to the dining hall because it must have been time to eat and I got tired of listening to the grown-ups talk, because as I said I was nine or ten years old. I went back to the cabin. And, you’re not going to believe this but all of those little shells had crawled out of her bag and were now everywhere around the room.

They were snails, in case you didn’t figure out what they were snails. I’m not quite sure how she didn’t know what they were but they were when she picked them up but, my mother was a little crazy. So, of course, I ran to the dining room to get her screaming, laughing, my mother taught me to be able to laugh at everything in life. Having a sense of humor is one of the most important things you can have in this world.

I brought her back to the cabin and she thought this was one of the most hysterical things that could happen in her life and was rolling on the floor as we ran around and picked up the snails and  decided we probably shouldn’t be taking the back to the States and maybe somebody should take them back to one of the islands.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep too well that  night because we never counted how many snails that she had taken, how many of those beautiful ‘shells’ and so I wasn’t quite sure we had gotten all of them and there might be one crawling in the sheets.

So I’m sharing this story because it’s the extreme for many, although not for me because that was kind of what my life was like with her.

Every day was a laugh, every day was something to smile about, luckily. My mother always did.

I hope you are making memories, of your own lives. You are feeling blessed for every moment that you have. You are sharing them with people that you care about and you love and tell the ones that you love how you feel about them because it’s really important. I was really blessed to have a mother who told me every day how much she loved me.  So if you care about somebody. If you like them, if you love them, if you miss them, tell them that. Tell them that.

I’m wishing everybody a Happy Mother’s Day. For those of you who are mothers, for those of you who have mothers, for those of you who want to remember your mothers. For those of you who don’t want to remember your mothers, maybe there’s another person in your life you want to remember.

I am thinking about you on this day please visit my blog Kitt Shapiro’s blog on SimplyEartha.com

I have lots of funny little stories and anecdotes about my life with my mother and some fun behind the scenes pictures and stuff like that so… Until we meet again. Bye.

Kitt Shapiro shares a story about her mom Eartha Kitt


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  • Margo Easton  May 14, 2018 at 1:18 PM

    Beautiful. I love these stories. I miss my mother every day.

  • Kelly Ashley  May 23, 2018 at 5:42 PM

    I love your stories.
    Do you still have things to purchase?


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