Denim, Dolce & Gabbana and Simply Eartha

As I’ve mentioned, I would wear comfy jeans all the time if I could, so even when I have to dress up (a little), I will opt for Denim, Dolce & Gabbana and Simply Eartha bling. And, yes, I tend to wear torn denim, which would drive my mother crazy (typical mother-daughter battle :)).   Faliero […]

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my cozy sweater holiday style

My cozy sweater holiday style always has a little added gold bracelet bling because you can always be comfy and stylish. A plate of brownies from Newbrook Kitchen and I’m a happy camper.     Hollister stretch low rise boyfriend jeans. IRO wool knit turtleneck sweater  Gucci Princetown slippers Remember~Treasure~Love bracelet   Click here to see my entire […]

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