My mother’s desk.

I love this desk. I sit at it now under the arched window in my office. The smoothness of the tan colored leather writing surface now shows its age from years of sunbathing in front of various exposures and the burgundy colored trim has faded to a quiet mauve, but the fine lines and cracks […]

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Eartha Kitt, the original Santa Baby.

Long before Elf on the Shelf, Eartha Kitt made famous the song Santa Baby, written for her by Phil Springer and Joan Javits. Follow me on Instagram @simplyeartha, for more Elf and Eartha fun. Lyrics: Santa baby, just slip a Sable under the tree for me; Been an awful good girl, Santa baby, So hurry […]

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Eartha Kitt’s wisdom lives on.

Simply Eartha designs combine Eartha Kitt’s words and wisdom, her daughter Kitt Shapiro’s vision and style, resulting in a mother/daughter combination of ‘accessories that SAY something’ founded on the power of their love.     Join the email list and receive special offers as well as more stories about the life of this powerful mother/daughter […]

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