Ironies and Opposites of my mother Eartha Kitt

a young Eartha Kitt at home in North South Carolina

            Eartha in North, South Carolina



Going through old photos and documents and I found a note I wrote on the ironies and opposites of my mother.


Born in a town called North, South Carolina.

Her given name was Eartha –> she became a Star.

She had a ‘Material Girl‘ image, yet was ‘down to earth’ in reality.

Thought her zodiac sign was Aquarius -a water sign (January 26) for 71 years until we found a record of her birth and discovered that she was actually Capricorn – an earth sign (January 17).

Born on a cotton plantation –> came to live in Beverly Hills.

She acted Fearless, yet was many times Terrified.


Just wanted to share because I thought these extremes were interesting.


Remember ~ Treasure ~ Love…  Kitt


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  • Myra Lee  April 10, 2019 at 12:24 AM

    For years my mother, Ruth Holliday-Sanders had spoken fond memories about Eartha Kitt being her cousin, how they played together. And, years later, how Eartha invited her to meet backstage after or between shows or plays off Broadway in New York City.


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